Privacy Policy

Lumin has been designed from the ground up with privacy in mind. An important principle of Lumin is to collect only the minimum amount of data that is absolutely necessary, and not to collect any data that can be used to identify specific users. This means you can track and improve your app without needing user consent.

If you have any questions, let me know! or via Twitter :)

Data Transmitted

Any data that is transmitted to the analytics server consists of the following:

  1. An action taken, such as “App App Opened” or “Session Started”.
  2. A time stamp when the action was taken.
  3. Device metadata, namely platform, system version, app version, build number, if the build was downloaded via App Store, TestFlight or Google Play and the device model type (i.e., iPhone 13, iPad Air).

Terms Used

developer is a person who creates or maintains an app.

user is a person who uses any app created by a developer. It is our job to make sure their data stays safe.

An event is one instance of data sent from the app to the Lumin Server, which is hosted in Germany by a local provider.

Plausible Website Analytics

Our website uses Plausible Analytics to help us understand visitor trends and the effectiveness of our marketing outreach. We chose Plausible Analytics because it is a privacy-focused company and platform that eschews personally identifiable information in favor of anonymous aggregate data. See the Plausible Analytics Data Policy.


We use rapidmail as our email service and CRM. Similar to Plausible it's a provider with a strong focus on GDPR and data privacy. They are based in Germany and all data is handled in Germany. The privacy policy of rapidmail GmbH can be found here.

You made it! Thanks for taking care of your and your users’ data. ♥

Let us know if you have questions or suggestions to improve. We are trying to be as transparent as possible.